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Sphering for Hen Parties, Hen Weekends and Hen Dos


Be open to whatever comes next...

You can't beat a session of Sphering for big laughs, great photos and all-round craziness on a bride's final weekend of freedom! A bit scary and absolutely hilarious, a roll down a run in a massive plastic ball that can hit speeds of around 28mph is definitely one for the bucket list. Share this one with your friends and make some awesome memories that'll still be talked about by the time your sons and daughters are off on their stag and hen dos.

'You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.' - Albert Camus

On arrival at the sphering run you'll be welcomed by an instructor who will brief the group on what's going to happen and cover all safety aspects of the experience. After that it's time to get rolling! One person volunteers to go first and is safely strapped into the ball, which is gently rolled past the start point.

Don't be fooled by the speed at the start, the ball soon gathers momentum and zips down the run with the rider inside, whopping, laughing and screaming! Anyone who loves thrill rides will adore sphering.

If you're booking sphering for a hen do, tell the girls to bring their cameras as the photo opportunities are brilliant! First timers are welcome. All you need for sphering is a sense of humour and balls of steel!

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