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Warrior Hens Activities for Hen Dos, Hen Parties and Hen Weekends

Warrior Hens

'Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.' - Anais Nin

Outdoor activities aren't just for the stags! Hen parties up for action and adventure can check out four of the most exciting shooting activities on earth: air rifles, archery, axe throwing and crossbows in one helluva day of activities for Warrior Hens. How often do you get the chance to try all of these bad boys in one day? Get the gang together and discover your inner Xena.

It doesn't matter if some or even all of you have no experience in any of these sports. Warrior Hens will see you get to grips with the basic steps and techniques involved in each shooting event.

This is a great deal and brilliant for those who like the sound of an archery hen party but also fancy a go at shooting and other activities too. Have your cake and eat it!

'Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.' - Helen Keller

Try your hands at the following badass activities:

Air Rifles

    Ever tried target shooting? Now's your chance to learn how to lock 'n load like a hardass lady cop from LA! Instructors will show you how to master the correct stance, hold air rifles safely and fire like a professional.

    Axe Throwing

      One for the Game of Thrones fans! Do a Daenerys Stormborn and try your hand at the ancient sport of axe throwing. Learn how to throw real Tomahawks at wooden targets and get a little competition going with the girls. As you progress, the targets get harder. Can you cut it?

      Crossbow Shooting and Archery

        Channel Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the exciting sport of crossbow shooting! This is no ordinary session as it combines state of the art archery equipment and crossbows in one supercharged competitive target shooting event. We're talking targets that explode on impact, flashes, bangs and white smoke.

        Clay Archery

          Try the exciting emerging sport of clay archery on your hen weekend! Can you hit a moving target with a specially designed bow and arrow?

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