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Hen Weekend, Hen Party & Hen Do Crossbow Activity


It's time to make like Buffy and shoot!

First there were bows and arrows - then came Crossbows! You've seen it on The Walking Dead and on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, now it's your bride tribe's turn to take up arms with archery's beast of a little sister!

Crossbow shooting is faster, sharper and stealthier than her big sister. Unleash your inner action heroine and go up against your fellow hens for the honour of being declared sharpshooter. Get to grips with the basics, learn how to line up a shot and fire a quarrel with speed and deadly accuracy. Step up to the mark and smash it, girls!

'Put down the damn crossbow, Pocahontas.' - Damon, Vampire Diaries

A private lesson with a professional instructor will get you all up to speed in no time. Discover how to hold a crossbow safely, load a bolt and shoot it straight and true. Unwavering cool under pressure, a steady hand, a keen eye and total concentration will win the day.

When you've got the basics sussed, it's time to put your new skills to the test. Take a deep breath, get the target in your sights and let those quarrels fly. The instructors will keep score and reveal which member of your hen party has won at the end of the event.

Something different for your hen do? Crossbows are tense, exhilarating and it'll bond your bride tribe before the hen's big day. Answer this: could you girls give Buffy a run for her money with a crossbow?

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