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Low Impact Paintballing for Hen Parties, Hen Dos and Hen Weekends

Low Impact Paintballing

Make it rain, without the pain!

Got a group of girls on your hands who wanna really wreak havoc on the battlefield, but they don't want to feel like they've been hit by a truck the next day? Low Impact Paintball is brilliant for hen parties who wanna do paintball but don't fancy the paint that comes from being hit. This version of the popular sport uses lightweight but super-powerful guns, loaded with paintballs a quarter the size of your average ball. They don't sting so much on impact and you don't come away covered in those nasty purple bruises!

Come on, girls. Don your battle attire, do your best G.I. Jane impression and unleash carnage! Nothing beats blowing off the stress from months of wedding planning like a good ol' paintball battle!

Keep calm and shoot paint!

Experience the awesomeness of pre-wedding warfare at a great woodland arena with all sorts of differently themed gaming zones. You've got everything from straightforward attack and defend battles to speed games and more complex strategic missions inspired by famous battles and war movies. Use the trees and bushes to sneak up on your fellow hens, take your aim and....SPLAT!

Ideal for a girly weekend of bonding, Low Impact Paintball is the most fun a girl can have in the great outdoors. Make like The Expendables, suit up and take the enemy down in a blaze of pellets. Who will be the combat queens of your final weekend of freedom?

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