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Machine Gun Shooting Activity for Hen Parties, Hen Dos and Hen Weekends

Machine Gun Shooting

'Machine guns are taken through grit and determination.' - Douglas Haig

How often does your band of beauties get the chance to try your hand at Machine Gun Shooting? Unleash your inner Arnie and let rip with real semi and automatic guns loaded with real, live ammunition. Once upon a time, shooting was the preserve of stag weekends. But the boys monopoly on adrenaline sports is over! Shooting a machine gun is one helluva stress buster and a brilliant way to blow off steam before the big day!

Safety is of the utmost importance. We only send our hen parties to professional shooting grounds with qualified, expert instructors. Feel the adrenaline flow through your veins and your heart hammer in your chest as you take charge of a monster machine gun and get stuck into some target practice!

'I do know how to fire a machine gun, so be warned! I'm trained!' - Claire Danes

Machine Gun Shooting is about much more than spraying and praying you'll hit the target. After an intro and a safety briefing, your instructors will get everyone in ear defenders and explain how to hold these super powerful guns to reduce the effects of kickback. You'll learn how to take your aim, get the target in your sights and squeeze the trigger.

Who's the crack show in your hen party? Keep a score sheet and find out which girl has what it takes to be a tried and true action heroine. If the bride's favourite movie is Die Hard, this is an activity that'll get her approval!

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