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Beer Tasting

Because girls drink beer too!

Have a Beer Tasting hen party and get a taste of the really good stuff. There's a time for wine, a time for cocktails, and a time for beer. Saturday afternoon is a brilliant time to try some new brews. Learn all about how beer is made and enjoy a tasting session afterwards. Impress everyone with your newfound beery knowledge and get a teensy bit tipsy at the same time. It's a winning formula.

Get the lowdown on the whole beer production process and discover how master brewers turn simple ingredients into the famous liquid gold loved by zillions around the world. This fun activity covers everything you ever wanted to know about beer but were afraid to ask.

'Give me a woman who truly loves beer and I will conquer the world.' - Kaiser Wilhelm

What's the difference between premium beer and the cheap stuff? What constitutes a ‘bad' beer? Does it taste better out of a bottle or a can? All will be revealed!

When you're up to speed on crushing, mashing, lautering, boiling and fermenting, it's time to do some actual beer tasting. There's a world of difference between a pint freshly brewed at source and the stuff you get down your local pub. Prepare to be very pleasantly surprised.

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