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Chelsea Hen Party - Evening Meal - Food and Drink

Evening Meal

Tuck in, ladies!

Feeding your hen party is a vital tactical move, unless you want to have girlfriends dropping out of the good times way before bed! Sort your Evening Meal in advance, and you'll be guaranteed to get seats for everyone in a centrally located, top drawer restaurant. You know it makes sense. Turn a potential fun-killer into an easy, enjoyable no-brainer, and arrange your big hen weekend dinner before you've so much as packed a toothbrush.

Trying to find a place that will accept a huge on the spot booking of slightly drunk ladies is a mission you may never complete - particularly on the Friday night of your hen do, when your GFs tend to arrive at different times depending on when they've been able to leave work. If you haven't booked in advance, you run a big risk of wandering around town for hours, getting increasingly drunk/hungry/angry until you all buckle and settle for filthy kebabs!

Arrive smug...

Book an evening meal package now and you can sort it all while you're still compos mentis. Choose the number of courses, the type of food and the location. We'll arrange your table booking for a time that suits your whole hen party, and because it's with one of our trusted partners there'll be no hassles about people turning up late. Pay in advance, and you don't even have to worry about bill-splitting arguments on the night!

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