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Blackpool Hen Do - Vodka Tasting - Food and Drink

Vodka Tasting

Don't worry, don't cry, drink vodka and fly!

We love vodka! That's why we've added Vodka Tasting to the mix. Perfect for hen parties who like their drinks with a bit of kick, this fun and fascinating session will teach you everything a girl needs to know about Russia's favourite tipple. You'll try a few different types of vodka during the class to get your tasting skills up to scratch.

You could go wine tasting but a vodka masterclass is way more fun for a hen do! Your journey begins with a welcome shot of the good stuff. When that's warmed your cockles, a vodka guru will show you how to really appreciate the spirit.

Expect to have your view of vodka changed. Turns out it's good for more than just getting hammered. Who knew?

'If wine is fruit, then vodka must be a vegetable.' - Jann Arden

After a brief history of vodka it's time to get stuck into the tasting! It's more than just necking shots, your senses will come alive and you'll discover that - far from being tasteless - each vodka has a different smell and taste. You'll also learn how to drink vodka in the tradition Russian style. First you smell it, then you taste a bit and finally you knock it back.

Vodka Tasting for hen parties takes place in a reserved area of a bar and includes a vodka connoisseur and tasting session.

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