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Edinburgh Track Day Experience

This is the party for a petrolhead princess!

Coming to Edinburgh on your hen party? If your BF loves the drama of motorsports, make sure you time your trip to happen on the Knockhill dates of the British Touring Car Championship so you can send her off big style with an Edinburgh Track Day Experience!

Knockhill is the pride of Scottish racing - and at only 20 miles from Edinburgh, it's easy to get the girls there on qualifiers day. Settle in with a free glass of something lovely, and watch the most powerful saloons in the country battle it out for a spot on the starting grid!

If they're not scared, they aren't going fast enough!

Qualifiers at Knockhill are fast and furious. The track is one of the shortest on the BTCC circuit, and it demands a completely different driving style over its 1.3 miles. Legendary Italian touring car driver Fabrizio Gianovardi reckons it's the toughest course in the calendar - perfect for hens who love a bit of trackside thrills!

On the day, you'll see Rob Austin and his team go all out to conquer Knockhill in super-tuned Audi A4s. Watch the boys tearing up the track, then meet them for a Q&A in the pit lanes and Rob Austin Racing Team garage! A BTCC qualifying day at Knockhill is the perfect antidote to Edinburgh tourist traps. Get away from the rock sellers and blokes in kilts for the afternoon, and watch real men burning rubber.

In a nutshell:

  • Edinburgh Track Day Experience
  • BTCC Qualifiers
  • Visit the pits & Rob Austin Racing Team garage
  • Meet the drivers
  • Signed pictures
  • Free drinks
  • Fleece or cap for the hen

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Edinburgh.

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