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Gran Canaria Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Airsoft

Gran Canaria Airsoft

Shoot 'em up-style!

There's normal airsoft, and then there'sGran Canaria Air Soft! We've found the most awesome outdoor airsoft arena nearSan Agustin and Playa del Ingles. This is the way to go if your bestie wants todo something badass on her Gran Canaria hen party.

You get three magazines ofballs, replica guns, camo suits and masks. Incredibly realistic, this isairsoft gaming at its best. The guys will be mad jealous when they see thepictures of this place, it's big and brilliantly themed. It's got sand, palms,bunkers, planes, old Army vehicles-the full works.

Send her off in COD fashion...

Immersive, exciting and loads of fun,airsoft is great for bonding a group. It's likely there will be some peoplecoming who don't know each other. They'll be tight after an hour or two ofairsoft. Split into teams and do the competitive thing. Play different gamesand experience the kind of scenarios you get in famous video games like Call ofDuty and Battlefield. You'll be buzzingoff adrenaline by the time you hand your guns and camo gear back to HQ!

The girly stuff is all well and good, butsometimes you need something that'll get the blood pumping and blow off somesteam! Especially when you've had months of wedding planning and dressfittings. If you think your best mate will need a little stressbuster, addairsoft to her Gran Canaria hen party package and go crazy on the battlefield!

In a nutshell:

  • Gran Canaria Airsoft
  • Amazing arena, brilliantly themed
  • Planes, trucks and palms
  • Camo gear and masks
  • Replica guns
  • 360 balls each
  • Bring trainers or pumps, no flip flops
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