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Gran Canaria Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Surf Safari

Gran Canaria Surf Safari


Learn to surf, body board and paddle board on your final weekend of freedom with a Gran Canaria Surf Safari! You'll be mastering the moves in one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe: Las Canteras beach. Grab your boards and get in the water. No experience required. All you need is guts and a go for it attitude. Learn the basics with an English-speaking instructor on land and then jump in and ride the waves.

Body boarding is loads of fun and easy to learn. If you've never done anything like surfing before, this is a great place to start. You stay in waist-deep water so you don't have to worry about being clobbered by big waves. Find out how to catch a wave and then ride it to shore on your board. If you get it right, you can go super fast and it's even better than being on a water slide.

Hang ten, ladies!

Surfers flock to Gran Canaria each year for the fantastic beach and reef breaks. It's an incredible place to learn and have fun. You'll never forget a surfing hen weekend in Gran Canaria. Discover how to go from lying face down on a surfboard to popping up to your feet. Find out how you paddle for a wave and catch it for a sweet ride to shore. You might not get there on your first time but you'll have a lot of fun on your board.

Standup paddle boarding is a blend of surfing and kayaking. The board is a bit like a longboard used for surfing. You don't have to catch waves, just do what the name suggests - stand up and paddle. Cruise around on your boards, checking out the beach views and enjoying the sun.

If your bestie wants to do something amazing on her Gran Canaria hen weekend, give her the surfing triple whammy!

In a nutshell:

  • Gran Canaria Surf Safari
  • Surfing, body boarding & paddleboarding
  • Professional instruction
  • Equipment & safety briefing provided
  • Beginners welcome
  • Ask your hen party planner for further details
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Packages That Include This Activity

Gran Canaria Hen Party Packages - Surf Safari
Hang Ten
Whats Included...
  • Surf Safari
  • Club Entry
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation
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