Healthy Hen Dos

Hen dos come in all shapes and sizes, if you’re a bride that loves her healthy lifestyle there are so many options for you to keep your hen party fit for the weekend. With social media being a big influence in a lot of people’s lives, hens are looking for activities to do where they can be snap happy and post onto their social accounts to gage interaction from others with the same interests. Bride tribes want to be seen as being active, healthy and generally having a great time. Below are some activities that suit the healthy hen do: 

Dance Class:

This is a great way to keep active for a good part of the day. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer this class will give everyone a challenge and burn a few calories ahead of the big night out. 

It’s a Knockout:

Our very own original It’s a Knockout! This activity will certainly get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing. Climbing over inflatables in competition within your team, our It’s a Knockout always impresses the hen parties. Even go head to head against other stag groups! Battle of the sexes at its finest!

Cooking Class:

Healthy eating? That’s fine, why not learn how to cook up some scrumptious meals on your hen do? Cooking classes can even come to your accommodation if you’re in a cottage or private house. Learn everything from the basics to Michelin star recipes.  

Totally Wiped Out

Are you ready to get Totally Wiped Out on the big red balls? Another activity to sweat out the hangover from the night before. Get running, jumping and leaping over inflatables whilst getting covered in foam and water.  


A great relaxation for you and the girls. Bond over a touch of yoga, feel revived and calm. Especially after all the wedding planning, the bride to be will need this as recovery. 

Gym Class: 

Enjoy a spin class together or maybe even an abs class. If the gym is something that all your friends enjoy why not do it together? Make a day of it and jump into a swimming pool afterwards or maybe even the spa? 

As well as the activities our hen groups are looking for the healthy option when booking restaurants too. You say the word and we will get you into a restaurant that suits all taste buds. Trust us, a photo will be required of these delicious plates of food.   

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Date Posted: Thursday 18th July 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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