Plovdiv Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Clay Pigeon Shooting

Plovdiv Clay Pigeon Shooting

Breaking the silence of the countryside with the crack of a shotgun...

Is your bride tribe full of a bunch of hardcore hens? A spot of Plovdiv Clay Pigeon Shooting on your hen weekend will keep all those pistol packin' mamas happy!

You can't beat a bit of clay pullin' and target shootin' for blowing away work and wedding planning stress. If the bride is looking to blow off some steam and fancies doing something exhilarating, this adrenaline-pumping activity will fit the bill.

Grab your girls and fire away in the great outdoors!

It doesn't matter if you've never picked up a shotgun, let alone fired one. Our qualified instructors will be on hand to show you the correct shooting stance, how to hold the gun and the secret behind pulling the trigger without the firearm jumping out of your hands. The guys at the site are great for providing tips and tricks on how to fire at a moving target, increasing your chances of blowing that clay out of the sky!

Keep score and get competitive. The girl with the lowest score buys the first round of shots later!

In a nutshell:

  • Plovdiv Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Safety briefing
  • Professional instruction
  • All equipment provided
  • 25 rounds of ammunition per person
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