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Airsoft Activity for Hen Parties, Hen Dos & Hen Weekends


Be commando queens without the pain!

For ladies who love a bit of tooled-up combat action, but don't want to reveal multiple bruises on the dance floor later, Airsoft is a brilliant choice. No one wants to be covered in those unsightly purple bruises when they're trying to totally glam it up after a hen party activity. So, lock and load with a replica firearm loaded with softened pellets.

The pellets might be softer, but they still crack out of the gun barrel and fire like a traditional paintball. They're just way less messy and a helluva lot less painful.

'You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.' - Lady Gaga

Your bride tribe will get a full-bore afternoon worth of high action combat, complete with tasks, games and simulated battle situations. Rescue the hostages, hunt the hen and claim objectives to be crowned princess of the projectile! Play in teams, with hens going head to had for the prize, or split up into individual factions for a one on one free for all.

Airsoft is fall less bruising than paintball, but you're still playing with grownup guns - so you and your besties will be kitted out to the max with hi-tech camo gear, protective eyewear and headgear. Play simulated warfare in purpose built environments and dramatic woodland locations for the nearest you'll ever get to real life Metal Gear Solid. More Ripley than Private Benjamin, this is an activity for bride tribes that don't see why the stags should get to do all the fun stuff. Ten hut!

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