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Hen Weekend, Hen Do & Hen Party Extreme Shooting Activity

Extreme Shooting

'I'm in the shooting range, mastering the art...' - Cypress Hill

Ladies! Who said popping caps in asses was the exclusive prerogative of the stags? Show the boys how a gun's really fired with an afternoon of Extreme Shooting. It's the only option for hen parties that absolutely, positively will gives you the opportunity to blast every mother f***er in the room! Boom, baby!

You'll be given a veritable arsenal of lethal sidearms to get you off the mark - plus long range rifles and crowd stoppers for that extra hit of ammo-based oomph. Lock 'em, load 'em and take 'em out like G.I. Jane. You'll be cracking wise as you reload at the business end of the range!

'Are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?' - Clint Eastwood

Throughout the Extreme Shooting event, your bride tribe will be taken care of by a professional, expert instructor. He'll explain the different firearms to you, show you how to load and keep each one safe when not firing, and give you pointers on improving your aim for maximum damage.

Visualise your target, adjust for distance and drop, then breathe out very slowly whilst pulling the trigger. Your ear defenders will take care of some of the blast, but you'll feel the power kicking in your hands. Who's going to reveal themselves to be a deadly sniper and which girls are better off playing with the paintball guns?

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