Funny Hen Do Ideas

Funny hen do ideas to get the girls laughing and shenanigans started!

Comedy Club

The queen of funny hen do ideas! A comedy club hen night is the ultimate no-brainer. Everyone loves stand-up. It's likely that some of the girls coming on the hen won't know each other. Do a comedy club hen night and they'll bond in no time. As a general rule, shows last around two hours, start around 7pm and include between two and four acts. By the time 9pm rolls round you'll be on a mission to hen party!

Totally Wiped Out

A right scream! When it comes to funny hen do ideas, this take on the BBC's brilliant game show is hard to beat. Big red balls? Check. Slippery inflatables? Hell yeah! Stags, hen do groups and other party people get on the playing field and compete in a bunch of team challenges that will give you all a serious case of the giggles. You can get Totally Wiped Out in Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Pin the Lips on Ryan Gosling

If you're looking for funny hen do ideas and games that are going to go down well with absolutely everyone in the group, this is the best place to start. Who doesn't love a bit of Gosling? Thank you Pinterest for this image and brilliant idea! 

Bubble Football

You don't need balls to play bubble football! This cross between zorbing and the beautiful game was originally a stag thing but it's proving to be just as popular as a hen do activity. Get inside a whopping plastic bubble that covers everything from head to legs and see if you can score. Bopping, bouncing, rolling, crashing and epic fails galore. You'll be laughing so hard you'll want to clutch your belly and wipe the tears from your eyes...only you can't because your arms are stuck inside the bubble! Arrghhh!

Dress the Hen

Image credit: Daily Mail

Grab one of those bumper packs of toilet from a pound shop, some sticky tape, a bunch of felt tips, tubes of glitter, and go to town! A great alternative to the usual sashes and light-up tiaras, this is your big chance to create a wedding dress fit for a trailer park queen!

Naughty Cupcake Workshop

Image credit: Pinterest

Only in Amsterdam! If you're hunting for funny hen do ideas for an Amsterdam hen weekend, the naughty cupcake workshop should do it. Forget flowers, cherries, dots, ribbons and bows. This is hen do cupcake decorating. You'll be styling yours to look like a lady garden. Yes, a lady garden! There will be bad jokes. There will be lots of sniggering and giggling. And it will get messy. Perfect! 

Guess Whose Knickers?

Great if you're looking for funny hen do ideas on a budget. All you have to do is go and buy a pair of knickers. Each person brings a pair, puts them in the box and the bride guesses who brought what. 

Adonis Cabaret Show

Not your typical male strip troupe! Think tongue-in-cheek fun from guys with hot bods. What's not to love? This is a full cabaret show with drag artists, comics, music, dancing, games - the full works. You get a welcome cocktail, a party buffet and the chance to have a group photo with the guys afterwards, which has to be done. The Adonis Cabaret guys combine comedy routines with rippling pecs and six packs. Brilliant fun!

It's a Knockout

If you like fancy dress, bouncing, foam and silly games, you'll love Stag & Hen It's a Knockout. It's one of the most funny hen do ideas out there. There's absolutely no way you can take yourself or anyone else seriously when you're trying to climb the Slippery Summit. Or playing games with names like Penguin Pursuit. Or trying to collect socks inside a whacking great inflatable washing machine. Pick your team and get booked on! You can do It's a Knockout in Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Derby, London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh

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Date Posted: Monday 9th May 2016

Author: Jenna Halford

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