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Bubble Football Daytime Activity for Hen Weekends, Hen Dos and Hen Parties

Bubble Football

You see me rollin'...

Hilariously original, Bubble Football takes the hen weekend afternoon activity to new levels of fun! Swap Sunday afternoon team strips for a Saturday spectacular with a comedy twist, as the girls try their hardest to stay upright in big plastic cocoons!

The inflatable bubble suit wraps most of your body in a see-through globe, with only the legs below the knee free to move. You've got no arms for balancing, and your vision is seriously hampered thanks to the foot of reinforced vinyl air pocket between your face and the world outside.

I didn't fall! The ground just needed a hug is all...

Rest assured, this is not a hen party activity for girls who take themselves too seriously. Even the most skilful lady will find herself bouncing around like a Subbuteo player in a balloon, waving her legs in the air as she tries to get the right way up again. Expect major tantrums from the top players and sidesplitting antics all round. Just like the Premiership!

We supply 10 bubble suits for the group, or 14 if you have more than 10 players taking part. The bubble football pitch is ringed with inflatable barriers, and you'll get a ref to maintain order (or book the bride for moving, breathing and kicking the ball!). Come on ladies, what better way to beat back those hangovers than a good laugh with your besties?

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