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Hen Do and Hen Party 80s Dance Class Activity

80s Dance Class

'Watching some good friends screaming, 'Let me out!' - Queen

You're gonna live forever, you're gonna learn how to an 80s Dance Class on your final fling before the ring! Break out the leg warmers and the big hair, ladies. It's time to bust some classic 80s dance moves!

Transport your hen party back to the days of Dayglo headbands, massive t shirts and copious eyeliner with this guaranteed crowd pleaser. Your GFs will give up more love than the ending of a John Hughes movie when you lead them into a genuine dance studio for an afternoon learning the moves to some of the biggest tunes of the 80s.

'So all you fly mothers, get out there and dance!' - Salt-N-Pepa

Climb any mountain, have the time of your life and get footloose with a pro instructor who knows all the routines. You and the girls will be jiving like extras in Dirty Dancing before you can say 'nobody puts Baby in the corner'.

Dressing up is absolutely encouraged for this one. You know what to do, girlfriend. Leggings, crop tops and bright pink makeup for the prom queens, baggy sweaters and pop sox for the geeks. The bigger the fashion faux pas, the more authentic you'll feel!

An 80s Dance Class is the ideal way to lose a few inhibitions, practice your power stance for the big night out and see the lighter side of your chicas. Put a smile on every lady's face and make sure the maid of honour's on camera duty! Hey, if you can't go all Purple Rain on your hen do, when can you? After all, in the words of Adam Ant, ridicule is nothing to be scared of...!

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