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Benalmadena Hen Weekend - Wine Tasting - Food and Drink

Wine Tasting

'You have only so many bottles in your life, never drink a bad one.' - Len Evans

Who wouldn't want to spend her hen weekend Wine Tasting? It's the ultimate no brainer for a bunch of ladies off the leash! Fun, sophisticated and fantastic value for money, this indulgent activity will see you learn how to really appreciate wine and finally find out how to tell a winner from a dodgy bottle of plonk. If you've ever seen wine connoisseurs on TV and wondered what the hell they were doing and why, this session will reveal all.

A wine tasting hen party doesn't have to be pretentious. Everyone has a giggle and goes totally OTT with huge sniffs and elaborate arm waving as they master the famous wine tasting techniques.

'To take wine into our mouths is to savour a droplet of the river of human history.' - The New York Times

Speaking of which, a sommelier will teach you all about holding the glass by the stem, inhaling, swirling and sipping. This is not a time to neck your drink. All these little steps keep the temperature of the wine steady, release the aromas and allow you to identify different flavours. Who knew?

Wine Tasting on your hen do tends to be more fun and lighthearted than normal group sessions. If you fancy a little competition, split into pairs or teams and have a go at matching the wines to their descriptions on the tasting sheet. It'll be hints of blackberry and rich oaky aromas aplenty!

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