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Coasteering Activities and Experiences for Hen Weekends and Hen Parties


You can't always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes you must dare to jump!

Adventurous brides to be will get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime when you take her out Coasteering on her hen weekend!

Scramble, slide, swim and leap into the annals of hen history with a no holds barred thrill-fest on some of Britain's most famous coastlines. Conquer rugged cliffs, make your way down fissures in the rock face and leap into the raging ocean - all lead by a safe-as-houses instructor, who knows every inch of the coast like the back of his hand.

The basic idea of Coasteering is to follow the coast no matter what. You'll climb, you'll jump and you'll swim, protected by a quality wetsuit and tough headgear. This is a real bucket list activity. Until you've taken the leap of faith into a tidal pool, or jumped from one rock to another with the sea pounding below, you've never experienced something quite like this!

'Control your life through insanity.' - Cliff Burton

The addictive combination of rushing adrenaline kick and pulse pounding challenges in the environment has made Coasteering one of the top hen party activities in the UK. Plus, it's not dependent on waves, unlike surfing or bodyboarding. You won't have to worry about the conditions not being perfect for your experience, because they're always perfect!

We'll pair you up with an instructor who knows several coasteering routes, all starting from a central point on the coast. He'll have a route in mind that works for every girl in the bride tribe, from nice and easy to full on crazy lady!

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