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Bristol - Hen Party Ideas & Activities - Paintballing

Bristol Paintballing

Looks can be deceiving, never underestimate a woman in camo...

How about this for an epic hen party: Bristol Paintballing in a forest with smoke grenades! Now that is badass!

Round up the troops, get into teams and run 'round the woods playing all sorts of war games. Instructors will do the vital safety briefing, kit you all out with camo suits and goggles, then hand out the all important ammo.

Get locked and loaded, then enter the war zone. The site is only a short car journey from the city centre. So take a break and leave the shops and Harbourside behind for a bit. It's time to get the adrenaline going in the great outdoors.

'Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.' - Kay Kyser

We reckon this is the best paintball site in the South West. It's got lush greenery, loads of trees for cover, bunkers for surprise attacks, open spaces for big battles and a water feature, so someone's going to get real wet!

There are different game scenarios that will get pulses racing and brains tickling. Can your team attack and defend? Will your tactics outfox the enemy? Which team of hens will come out as the ultimate soldiers?

Exciting, intense and always tons of fun, paintball will make you feel like a proper badass. Get your war face on and bring it!

In a nutshell:

  • Bristol Paintballing
  • Located in a forest near the city centre
  • Smoke grenades
  • Camo suits and protective gear
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Safety briefing
  • Different scenarios
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