Proposals You Couldn’t Say No To…The Man Did Good.

We all wonder how our guy will (eventually) propose to us when he has plucked up the courage to ask. How, where, what and will we love the ring? Are all questions we subconsciously ask ourselves. We would love to hear about your proposal and how your guy did, but first take a look at some of these proposals below: 

Love Letters 

This man who technically spent three years proposing to his girlfriend by spelling out "Will You Marry Me?" with the first letter of every love letter he wrote her. CUTE! That takes some planning! 

The 365-day proposal

This guy spent a year preparing his proposal. On a vacation in Aruba, he had his girlfriend’s friends and family lead her to a tablet containing a video of him popping the question 365 times. He had written various notes and took selfies and made a montage of everyday until he proposed. After watching the video, she turned around and there he was awaiting her answer on the beach. 

Would your man plan something like this? Or would you be able to tell he was up to something?

With a dog: 

Let’s hope this dog didn’t get too hungry and eat these treats and the ring, otherwise the unfortunate lady would be waiting another decade for him to put a ring on it! 

In a photo-booth: 

Will he pop the question without you realising, carried away with funny selfies in a photobooth… 

In your morning coffee:

Are you a coffee in the morning kind of girl? If so, maybe he will make you one of your favourites with a little surprise! 

On the beach

Imagine sunbathing away listening to the sounds of the sea and your man goes down on one knee. This would defiantly make a beach day to remember! 

Cinema Ticket Collection 

Ever wonder why he wouldn’t get rid of those cinema tickets? “I’m keeping them for memories” or “I’m keeping them to put in our scrapbook” (that never gets made) well, turns out he had been saving them for your proposal… (that is a lot of cinema trips!) 

With a scavenger hunt 

Are you the adventurous type, does he know that? Well, hopefully he does and gets creative with a scavenger hunt! Is he clever enough to fit it around a theme or Easter so that no clues are given away! 


If he can pull this one off, he’s pretty impressive! 

With adrenaline 

Getting this photo timed perfectly is tricky enough! But if successful, it can be extremely effective! Checking through the photos to see how bad the screaming faces are after the ride, to find behind you that the love of your life has asked you to marry him! 

With technology: 

QR code necklace, when scanned, reveals the message "Will you marry me?". Not sure we would be happy with a necklace that looks like this at first, but I’m sure once we have followed the instructions, we will automatically fall in love with it. 

Within nature:

Has he been out more than usual? Don’t worry, he has been spending his time mastering carpentry, cutting down trees and organising your proposal (panic over!). 

Taking proposals to the next level: 

Flash Mob

Flash mobs have become quite popular for proposals, capturing the attention of a fully occupied shopping centre or even closing Times Square in New York. These proposals are above and beyond just asking the simple question ‘Will you marry me?’. 

Tell us your proposal story, if your guy has done good it’s your time to show off just how well he has done!  

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Date Posted: Friday 6th July 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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