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Paintballing Activity for Hen Weekends, Hen Dos and Hen Parties


Gather the troops and go ballistic!

Forget the girly stuff, it's time to get muddy, break a nail, get competitive and feel alive and exhilarated on the hen weekend with a afternoon of Paintballing. If you've never tried the popular outdoor combat sport before, a hen party is the perfect time to pop your cherry. One game and you'll be totally hooked. Split the group into teams, get the war paint out and roar like Rambo as you spray the enemy with pellets. There's no better way to blow off steam.

No lame excuses about being a bit tired or hungover. Nut up, buttercup! Paintballing will soon give hangovers their marching orders and get the adrenaline pumping.

Suit up and get your Grrr! on.

You'll play a few different games during the course of a paintball session, which makes it brilliant value for money. As a general rule, things kick off with something simple like Attack and Defend (also known as Capture the Flag) before you move on to proper missions that require speed, stealth and tactics. The rush of sneaking up on the enemy and opening fire is intense!

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